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Welcome to Response Ready, your premier destination for top-quality Philips OnSite AED accessories. Elevate your AED experience with our range of essential components, from replacement pads to reliable batteries, ensuring your defibrillator is always ready for life-saving moments.

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    • Your trusted supplier for Philips OnSite accessories.

Philips OnSite AED Pads:

  • Versatile Options:
    • Stocking both standard adult pads and pediatric pads for patients under 8 years or 55 lbs (25 kgs).
    • Shelf life of two years for both pad sets.

Philips OnSite AED Batteries:

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Elevate your Philips OnSite AED with accessories from Response Ready. Unparalleled quality, convenience, and customer support await you. Prepare for lifesaving moments with confidence.