Collection: AED Wall Signs

Enhance Preparedness with Response Ready AED Wall Signs

Elevate safety awareness and compliance with Response Ready's comprehensive selection of AED wall signs. Our range of signs not only alerts individuals to the presence of life-saving equipment but also ensures adherence to legal requirements.

Types of AED Wall Signs:

  • 3D Wall Signs:
    • Vibrantly colored and versatile 3D wall signs available with multiple mounting options (T-Mount, V-Mount, or Corner Mount).
    • Quick and easy installation with adhesive pads.
  • Placards:
    • Informative placards feature easy-to-follow graphics, providing crucial lifesaving information at a glance.
    • Ideal for businesses and public facilities where untrained individuals may need to respond to a cardiac emergency.
  • Additional Signage:
    • Explore our range of posters, decals, and other wall-mounted essentials, serving as both alerts and educational tools.

Who Benefits from AED Wall Signs:

If you have an automated external defibrillator in any public space, AED wall signs are essential. They are particularly crucial in areas where legal requirements mandate their presence, such as:
  • New York:
    • Requires AED signage at the entrance of any public building with an automated external defibrillator.
  • Pennsylvania Statutes, 73 P. S. § 2174:
    • Mandates at least one sign "in plain view by each automated external defibrillator."

Why Choose Response Ready:

  • Legal Compliance:
    • Ensure adherence to state-specific AED signage regulations.
  • Versatile Options:
    • Varied mounting options and versatile 3D signs for optimal fit in any space.
  • Educational Tools:
    • Beyond alerts, our signs serve as valuable educational resources.
Order Your AED Wall Signs Today: Invest in safety and compliance. Order AED wall signs from Response Ready and contribute to saving lives. Take advantage of our wholesale pricing for large quantity orders.