Response Ready is made up of a dedicated team of caring and innovative individuals brought together from the organizational backgrounds of non-profit, corporate, and emergency medicine and rescue. Our Mission is to combat the devastating effects of Sudden Cardiac Arrest through the widespread placement of AEDs throughout North America and worldwide.

Through our direct long-standing relationships with all six FDA-approved AED manufacturers in the United States.

We are able to provide the highest quality products at prices that can’t be beat. In addition to AEDs, we sell top quality selected First Aid, Bleeding Control, and Survival Gear from the most trusted brands, including manufacturing our own quality line of products.


Backing up your AED purchase with a strong maintenance program and the proper training is the best way to ensure you are prepared to save a life. As a comprehensive source for all of your Safety needs, our network of experienced professional Safety Instructors span the country, offering courses in CPR, AED, First Aid, Blood borne pathogens, Stop-the-Bleed and more. Our in-house AED program, AED Total Solution, can help you to set up an AED program that is compliant with all legislation, and ensures your AEDs are always ready. AED Total Solution is used by clients ranging from fortune 50 corporations to your neighborhood fitness studio or church.

With roots in EMS and Fire, we’ve been in the life-saving industry for over a decade, and there is nowhere we’d rather be. Helping you prepare to save a life or to help someone in need is our passion, and we love to hear the stories you share with us. Thank you for putting your trust in us, and please reach out to let me know how we’re doing, how we can improve, or just to share a story. Thank you,

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    With the right training and equipment, every single person is capable of rapid, effective, and extraordinary action in an emergency situation.

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    The potential of saving a single life more than justifies the cost and effort necessary to properly prepare for an emergency.

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    We will always put the needs of the client first. We will make this a conscious choice, recognizing that the best solution for the client may not always be the most profitable.

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    Our relationships, both with our customers and with each other, are for the life of our business. Every decision will be made with this in mind.

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    We will constantly re-analyze our program, teaching methods, and products – creating innovative solutions to address new challenges. The changing needs of our customers, advancing technology, and shifting markets make this critical.

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    Honesty, integrity and respect for life form the foundation of our business.

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    If we aren’t growing, if we aren’t fulfilled from our work, if we’re not having fun, then we’re doing something wrong.

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