Collection: AED Pads

Revitalize with Response Ready Replacement AED Pads

Breathe new life into your automated external defibrillator (AED) with top-notch replacement pads from Response Ready. Our extensive selection caters to major manufacturers like Philips, HeartSine, ZOLL, Cardiac Science, Physio-Control, and Defibtech. Key Features:
  • Wide variety for all major AED brands
  • Adult and pediatric pads available
  • Accessories like the Philips HeartStart FR3 Infant/Child Key

Pad Perfection: Essential Guidelines

  1. Check Expiration Dates:
    • Pads come with an expiration date; using them beyond this date risks inefficiency.
    • Regular updates are crucial for optimal AED performance.
  2. Single-Use Requirement:
    • AED electrode pads are designed for one-time use.
    • Dispose of used pads and replace promptly to maintain emergency readiness.
Diverse Options for Every Situation
  • Adult Pads: Standard for most cardiac arrest scenarios.
  • Pediatric Pads: Specifically crafted for children under 55 pounds or under 8 years old.
Innovative Solutions for Compatibility:
  • Explore accessories like the Philips HeartStart FR3 Infant/Child Key for seamless toggling between adult and pediatric settings.
  • Some modern defibrillators, such as the Physio Control CR2 and Cardiac Science G5, feature a built-in toggle switch, converting adult pads to pediatric functionality.
Ensure Compatibility Before You Buy:
  • Find detailed product descriptions, including compatibility information, on each product page.
  • For assistance or inquiries, our customer service team is ready to help.

Discover Value with Bundles:

Explore our value packages, combining the defibrillator, replacement pads, and additional accessories like a cabinet, carrying case, and first responder kit—all at a discounted price.

Confidence in Every Purchase:

  • Free shipping on orders exceeding $99.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • One-year low-price guarantee.
Wholesale Options: For large quantity orders, inquire about wholesale pricing on our dedicated wholesale page. Revitalize your AED with confidence. Order your replacement pads and cartridges from the trusted leader, Response Ready.