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Elevate Preparedness with Response Ready AED Cabinets

Welcome to Response Ready, your premier destination for a comprehensive range of AED cabinets tailored to house various automated external defibrillator devices. Explore brand-specific and universal models, compare features, and enjoy guaranteed lowest prices on top-quality cabinets. Trust in our superior customer service for all your AED cabinet needs.

Key Features of Response Ready AED Cabinets:

  • Premium Construction:
    • Crafted from high-grade materials like cold-rolled steel and stainless steel for durability.
  • Versatile Mounting Options:
    • Easily mountable on wood, drywall, or concrete surfaces, offering flexibility.
  • Variety of Mounting Styles:
    • Choose from surface-mount, recessed-mount, and semi-recessed options to match your preferences.

Cabinet Options Include:

  • Maximum Visibility:
    • Large front window for quick visibility of the AED and readiness indicator.
  • Emergency Alerts:
    • Audible alarm and pulsing strobe lights notify of potential emergencies upon cabinet door opening.
  • Weatherproof Design:
  • Accessory Space:
    • Some cabinets designed to house AED accessories, such as pads, batteries, and first-aid essentials.

Selecting the Right Wall-Mounted AED Cabinet:

Please have a look at our AED cabinet dimensions guide to choose the ideal cabinet size based on your AED device's height, width, and depth. Value Packages for Added Convenience: Opt for our AED packages to combine a defibrillator and cabinet at a compelling price. These packages include AED devices, full-sized cabinets, cases, signage, and essential life-saving accessories.

Trusted Brands, Nationwide Delivery:

  • Browse cabinets from industry leaders like Philips, ZOLL, Defibtech, and HeartSine.
  • Rapid nationwide shipping ensures quick access to your products.
Why Response Ready?
  • Over a decade of expertise in AEDs and accessories.
  • Explore cabinets from all six FDA-approved AED manufacturers.
  • Free delivery on orders exceeding $99.
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