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Explore the Versatility of LIFEPAK AEDs:

Discover the excellence of LIFEPAK AED devices:
  • LIFEPAK CR2: Embrace innovation with cprINSIGHT™ technology, enabling simultaneous chest compressions and ECG analysis. Transmit real-time information to medical personnel, with pediatric mode and dual-language options.
  • LIFEPAK CR Plus: Trusted reliability for non-medical settings, offering intuitive design and automatic activation upon opening the lid.
Physio Control LIFEPAK Defibrillators (formerly Medtronic): Choose Response Ready for authorized distribution of Physio-Control LIFEPAK AEDs:
  • Extended Warranty: Benefit from an extended warranty, ensuring the longevity of your device.
  • LIFEPAK AED Packages: Every LIFEPAK defibrillator includes batteries, pads, and a quick-start toolkit with training demo.
  • Assurance and Protection: Enjoy free shipping, one-year low-price protection, and a complete money-back guarantee with every purchase.
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