Collection: AED Batteries

Energize with Response Ready AED Batteries

Power up your defibrillator with the essential lifeline – AED batteries from Response Ready. Our range includes standard and rechargeable batteries, along with compatible battery chargers for all major AED device models. Key Features:
  • Standard and rechargeable options available
  • Battery chargers for leading AED models

Longevity Matters: How Long Do AED Batteries Last?

Ensure sustained readiness with batteries lasting 2 to 5 years, contingent on the model and manufacturer. Keep these points in mind:
  • Track expiration dates diligently
  • Be alert to visual and audible warnings from your AED
  • Check the battery panel for expiration information

Battery Replacement: Quick and Easy

Changing AED batteries is a straightforward process, and if you're unsure, refer to your device manual or visit our YouTube channel for helpful video guides.

Recharge or Replace? Know Your AED Battery:

  • Rechargeable models exist, but check for clear labeling
  • Special charging packs may be required

Dispose Responsibly:

As hazardous waste, old AED batteries demand proper disposal. Utilize recycling programs for safe handling. Wide Selection, Trusted Brands: Ensure seamless compatibility by choosing from our authorized distributorship of renowned manufacturers:
  • Cardiac Science
  • Defibtech
  • HeartSine
  • Philips
  • Physio-Control
  • ZOLL
Remember, even similar defibrillator models may differ in battery requirements, e.g., Powerheart G3 vs. Powerheart G3 Pro. Stay Prepared: Don't risk downtime in life-saving situations. Keep replacement AED batteries on hand, and enjoy free shipping on orders exceeding $99.

Expert Guidance, Anytime:

For expert advice and recommendations, contact us. Our knowledgeable team ensures you find the right battery for your automated external defibrillator, shipped promptly. Energize responsibly with Response Ready – where every heartbeat matters!