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Revolutionize Emergency Response with ZOLL AED Packages by Response Ready

Welcome to Response Ready, your premier destination for cutting-edge AED solutions. ZOLL, a global pioneer in lifesaving medical devices, has set the standard for excellence, and our ZOLL AED value packages embody that commitment. Trust in our carefully curated kits, offering AED excellence bundled with essential accessories—all at a competitive price.

ZOLL AED Plus Value Packages - Unleashing Simplicity and Precision

  • Comprehensive Inclusions:
    • CPR-D-padz and battery for immediate AED readiness.
    • Case, cabinet, and first responder kit for optimal functionality.
    • AED 3-way sign and inspection card for compliance assurance.
  • Club AED Membership:
    • Automatic reminders for battery and pad replacements.
  • User-Friendly Design:
    • Fully automatic programming for simplified operation.
    • Real CPR Help technology for optimal resuscitation guidance.

ZOLL AED Pro Value Packages - Professional-Grade Excellence

  • Exclusive Distribution:
    • AED Leader is the sole authorized online distributor of the AED Pro.
  • Comprehensive Inclusions:
    • CPR-D-padz, battery, and carry case for complete readiness.
    • First responder kit, signage, and wall cabinet for added functionality.
  • Advanced Features:
    • High-res LCD display and real-time CPR feedback for precision.
    • Military-grade construction for durability and reliability.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic configurations available.
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