Collection: Cardiac Science AED Packages

Enhance Safety with Response Ready's Cardiac Science Value Packages

As a global leader in AED technologies, Cardiac Science has deployed over 500,000 units across nearly 100 countries. As an authorized distributor, Response Ready presents Cardiac Science Value Packages, offering significant savings by bundling top AEDs with essential accessories.

What You Get With a Response Ready Cardiac Science Value Package:

  • Pre-installed battery and pads in the AED
  • Protective and transport-ready carry case
  • Secure wall cabinet for centralized storage
  • Additional accessories: wall poster, 3-way wall sign, window decal, inspection card, and first responder kit
  • Every Cardiac Science defibrillator is backed by a 7-year warranty

Choosing Your Cardiac Science Value Package:

Explore our range of value packages for leading Cardiac Science AEDs:
  • G3 Plus: An affordable choice with RescueCoach technology, guiding users through CPR and shock delivery. Proven effective in a University of Pennsylvania study.
  • Powerheart G5: The first FDA-approved AED with fully automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, rapid shock times, and dual-language functionality for bilingual environments.
  • Powerheart AED G3 Pro: Ideal for rescue professionals, featuring 3-lead ECG monitoring through a full-color display and a built-in metronome to set the pace of compressions.

Why Choose Response Ready:

  • Expertly selected value packages for top Cardiac Science AEDs
  • Easy ordering process with rapid delivery
  • Wholesale pricing for bulk orders available on our dedicated wholesale page
Explore our full selection and elevate your safety standards. Order your Cardiac Science Value Package from Response Ready today.