Collection: Defibtech AED Packages

Elevate Safety with Response Ready's Defibtech AED Packages

As a trusted AED authority, Defibtech boasts over 375,000 active units, and Response Ready is proud to be your authorized distributor for these cutting-edge defibrillators.

Explore Our Defibtech AED Packages:

Our value packages, tailored for models like Defibtech Lifeline, Lifeline ECG/PRO, and Lifeline VIEW, go beyond industry standards. For one low price, you get the AED and over a dozen vital accessories to ensure preparedness and maintenance.

Accessories Included in Response Ready's Defibtech AED Packages:

  • Complete AED with pre-installed battery and defibrillation pads
  • Carrying case for quick and safe transport
  • Wall cabinet for secure storage
  • Complete signage set: 3-way sign, wall poster, inspection card, and window decal
  • First responder kit with gloves, shears, wipes, protective mask, and more
  • Club AED membership for timely battery and pad replacement reminders
  • Warranty for investment protection
Valued at over $300, our packages only cost $20 to $50 more than the standalone unit.

Choosing Your Defibtech Value Package:

  • Defibtech Lifeline AED Value Package: Cost-effective option weighing just 4.2 pounds, providing easy-to-follow voice and visual prompts. Features state-of-the-art biphasic defibrillation technology.
  • Lifeline VIEW: Ultimate ease of use with full-motion video demonstration in high resolution. Adjustable coaching based on user experience level and Real-Time Protocol Selection for CPR variations.
  • Lifeline ECG/PRO: Professional-grade features with Real-Time Protocol Selection, step-by-step coaching, and a non-diagnostic ECG display for heart rhythm and heart rate monitoring.

Why Choose Response Ready:

  • Authorized distributor with a commitment to safety
  • Value packages exceeding industry standards
  • Easy ordering with rapid delivery
  • Wholesale pricing available for bulk orders on our wholesale page
Enhance your safety standards today. Order your Defibtech AED Package from Response Ready.