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Elevate Your Emergency Response with Physio-Control AED Packages by Response Ready

Welcome to Response Ready, your trusted source for cutting-edge AED solutions. Physio-Control stands tall as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the AED industry. Unlock the power of hassle-free emergency response with our carefully curated Physio-Control value packages, combining AED excellence with essential accessories—all at an unbeatable price.

What Sets Our Physio-Control Value Packages Apart?

  • Ready-to-Use Convenience:
    • Pre-installed battery and pad kits for instant AED readiness.
  • Effortless Transportation and Storage:
    • Soft carry case for easy transport.
    • Wall cabinet for secure and convenient storage.
  • Comprehensive Signage:
    • 3-way sign and window decal for quick identification.
    • Inspection card to track expiration and readiness.
    • Wall poster with easy-to-follow emergency instructions.
  • Emergency Responder Kit:
    • Complete with shears, razors, gloves, and essential emergency supplies.
  • Club AED Membership:
    • Automatic reminders for upcoming pad and battery expiration.

Explore Our Range of Physio-Control Value Packages

Response Ready proudly presents authorized Physio-Control LIFEPAK AEDs in value packages tailored to your needs:
  • LIFEPAK CR Plus:
    • Auto shock delivery for professional-grade response.
    • Innovative CPR compressions during heart rhythm analysis.
  • LIFEPAK Express:
    • Cost-effective, battery-free AED solution.

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