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The Best Training, Nationwide

With our Nationwide network of Instructors, we come to your location to create a dynamic learning environment; Ensuring your people have the knowledge and skills to act decisively and appropriately in all types of Emergencies.


Our Professionals Instructors are

Coming from the ranks of Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs and RNs with years of field and teaching experience.


This course runs 3 hours and results in a 2 year CPR/AED certification for each student. Course covers CPR and choking for Adults, Children and Infants, as well as use of an AED, and use of barrier devices.

Each student receives their certification card, CPR/AED Quick Reference card, and a CPR keychain pocket mask.

CPR, AED & First Aid

This course runs 5 hours and results in a 2 year CPR/AED & First Aid certification for each student. Course covers everything in the standard CPR/AED course, with the addition of First Aid: Teaches how to manage illness and injuries in the first few minutes until professional help arrives.

Course content includes General First Aid Principles, Medical Emergencies, Injury Emergencies, and Environmental Emergencies. First Aid can also be a stand-alone course.


This course runs 1 hour, and is typically combined with a CPR or CPR/First Aid course (above). Based in Homeland Security’s National awareness campaign, Stop-the-Bleed empowers students to make a life saving difference in major traumatic bleeding emergencies.

Includes instruction in tourniquet application, hyfin chest seals, wound packing, and pressure application. Includes one complimentary Stop-the-Bleed kit (minimum).

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (Add-On)

This course runs 1 hour, and is typically combined with a CPR or CPR/First Aid course (above). Course meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for bloodborne pathogens training when paired with site-specific instruction, and results in a bloodborne pathogens certification.

Teaches students how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials.

Fire Extinguisher
Live Fire

This course runs 1.5 hours, including both classroom and outside live-fire training components, and is designed to comply with both OSHA & NFPA Requirements for Annual Fire Extinguisher Training and Use.

Teaches basic fire safety and concepts including classes of fire, hazard concerns, fire prevention, extinguisher types and use, and allows every student the chance to put out live fire of differing types and intensities with our industry-leading Bullex Fire Prop.


CPRl has helped us to create an excellent AED program throughout every school and facility here at Oceanside Unified School District. With busy school nurses and health clerks, we were looking to improve our program, purchase new AEDs, and lessen the time and maintenance burden on our staff. CPRl gave us great pricing on new AEDs on top of buying back our old units. They worked with us to decide exactly what our needs were, and walked us through every step of creating our new program. They delivered our new AEDs and equipment, entered all of our information into our new program portal, and trained the Nurses and Health clerks on keeping the AEDs up-to-date, staying legally compliant, and what to do in an emergency.

Since that time, they have been active with replacing supplies automatically and immediately responsive with answering questions, solving issues, and helping us to keep 40 AEDs spread over 29 locations organized and simple to manage. CPRl also handled every aspect of a recent voluntary manufacturer recall, working on our behalf to ensure all effected AEDs were switched out successfully with new ones.

I would highly recommend them to-any organization contemplating purchasing AEDs, starting an AED program, or improving the program they currently have in place.

Briana Perez, Director of Student Services

CPR1 has done an amazing job since taking over our AED Program. Prior to their involvement, the task of distributing AED supplies to our new office openings as well as replenishing supplies at all of our current offices was placed in the hands of the understaffed Risk Department. Servicing almost 600 offices, nationwide, was very time intensive, and tracking was a constant problem.

Once CPR1 took over our program, they created an online site for our company and they spent the first month contacting every single office investigating the exact state of all of our AEDs. They sent the needed supplies to every office and updated their database and our online site. They explained to each of our office managers how to do their monthly checks, and our AED program is now running smoother and more efficiently than ever before. CPR1 came in with big promises and high expectations – I’m happy to say they’ve exceeded on every level!

Donna Porter, Risk Coordinator – Pacific Dental Services

n August of 2017, after an extensive search for a Program Management Company for our Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program we chose CPR1 as our vendor. We were looking for an all-inclusive vendor who could help us keep track of our over 45 sites which housed more than 70 AED Units. Without a doubt, CPR1 was the stand out Program Management Company.

We cannot be more satisfied with our decision, as CPR1 has provide excellent service and value from day one, and has exceeded expectations. CPR1 began their services with a comprehensive On-site audit, in which they came out to every school site, visually inspected each of our AEDs, replaced needed supplies, assisted with signage and cabinet issues, and documented all information for our program.

They performed several initial training segments for our schools, and even made a customized AED/CPR refresher training video for our district, which we continue to use in helping to meet our ongoing AED training requirements. They built a customized AED portal for us with both web and app access, which facilitates the tracking of all of our AEDs, equipment and training.

Their customer service team and ongoing support has been one of the best we have experienced. They are proactive in addressing every aspect of our AED program, and ensuring that all of our needs are met. They send all replacement supplies out automatically ahead of

time, and follow up to ensure our district is compliant in inspections, and that all AEDs are ready continuously. Their pricing has always been competitive, and all of their products have been of high quality. I recommend them without reservation to any school district or organization looking to begin an AED and training program, or looking to improve on an existing program.

Susanna Solis, CSRM Director, Risk Management

CPR1 has done an excellent job in taking over our AED program. They designed a custom website for us which tracks everything about our AED’s, as well as tracking the training certifications of our staff. The program has increased the safety and readiness of our program, while minimizing the liability of the Hotel as a whole. They send out new supplies automatically at no charge before the old supplies expire, and when we have an AED event, they handle everything from providing a loaner AED while our device is refurbished, to creating a post-event report and handling all the required notifications.

SteveWilliams, Director of Security. Sheraton San Diego Hotel And Marina

As the Risk Management Coordinator for Springs Charter Schools I can highly recommend CPR1 for your CPR/First Aid/AED training. We have used several other training companies with mixed reviews. After our staff attended the CPR1 training the reviews were all excellent. The professionalism offered by trainers who work in the emergency medical field is top notch.

Our staff commented several times that they felt that this particular training equipped them to respond to an emergency situation much more than other trainings they had attended. State of the art equipment along with ‘real life” training videos also made the training a success. As a school that needs annual staff emergency training we have found a  company we can stick with and look forward to working with them annually and know that we are receiving the best possible training for our staff with CPR1.

Jeanne Schaffner, Springs Charter Schools

When Navy Federal Credit Union (West Coast Hub) handed me this project, I was fairly certain that these kinds of classes were informative to be sure, and beneficial, no doubt….. But when I first called and talked to Brian Graddon, founder of CPR1 in Oceanside, CA, he was very cordial, informative, and professional in his presentation of the services provided by him andhis staff of highly trained professional Firefighters, EMT’s, & Paramedics who bring real life experiences to the classroom……

This, along with a light-hearted, but informative presentation and up-to-date, improved exercise techniques made it an easy, relaxed and fun way to learn skills that are so vital, when needed…. I highly recommend Brian and his staff to any Company that is looking to prepare its Team Leaders to be able to respond to an emergency, and the importance of having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at your place of business… CPR1 will show you how vital it is to have an AED in the business workplace / or public place, where they are soon to be the norm…..

Thank you, Brian!

Robert A. Rodriguez, Navy Federal Credit Union

CPR1 worked seamlessly with our staff to identify all of the AED’s within City facilities. They trained City staff at each of our facilities and introduced them to the new inspection policy and how to enter information into the AED Total Solution database program.

They then sent new supplies right out to every facility that needed them, and made sure they were installed correctly, and they’ve continued to stay on top of our AED’s and supplies. Additionally, CPR1 has been very responsive to all question from our city staff making the transition extremely easy and efficient.

Jeff Murdock, Carlsbad CERT Team Coordinator, Fire Department/Emergency Preparedness

Over the last 3 years plus, The Human Resources, Safety Division at County of Riverside has worked with CPR1 as the sole provider of our AED’s, supplies and accessories. Our Automated Defibrillator program has grown from just under 75 to over 200 AED’s. We’ve consistently had a great experience with every transaction.

Shipments are accurate and on time, pricing is consistently low, and the customer service is top notch. Brian and his team are outstanding at what they do. Thank you for your service, your patience with our procurement process, and for your timely response to our needs.

Any customer you may have, existing or new, I am sure will share in these sentiments.

Julio Ibarra, Sr. Safety Coordinator, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Websense has offered CPR/AED and First Aid training and recertification to our employees for many years through a variety of providers. We’ve always been satisfied with the training we received, however the excitement and overall involvement of the students was often lower than we would have liked. This year, we decide to give CPR1 a try based on their overall experience and value pricing. We were hopeful for a productive and fun class, but the learning environment that CPR1 brought to the table truly exceeded our expectations.”

… Most importantly, the class was fun and interactive, involving the students in real life scenarios and hands on practice. They even recruited an employee to act out an emergency in the middle of their lecture so we could practice our skills in a realistic atmosphere. Some of our employees didn’t even know it was an act!

The instructors were thoroughly engaging. By the end of the class, we not only received our two year American Heart Association certification, but gained a comfort level to address emergency situations should they arise.

Without reservation, we highly recommend CPR1 for any CPR/AED or First Aid training needs you may have.

Gayle Lorenc, CFM Director, Facilities – Websense

I am a founder/partner of a new 16K square fitness center in Carlsbad, CA. I was tasked with ensuring that our facility met all California and federal requirements for survival training, first aid, and also needed to purchase an AED. After shopping around extensively, I found that CPR1 had the most competitive price with the most flexibility when it came to scheduling. As a new business owner in a struggling economy, I was very pleased to have found Brian and his company. I will absolutely use CPR1 again as we grow our business and open new clubs in the San Diego area.

Brian’s professionalism, flexibility, and product are all exceptional. I would highly recommend him and his company to any person or business in the market for his products and training. Feel free to call me at the fitness center if you have additional questions.

Nicholas Barshick Founder/Partner – Chuze Fitness

CPR1 has worked with our organization quite closely, and it has been a seamless transition since they took over our AED program. Some of our AEDs were out of date when we brought CPR1 on board, but their team worked diligently to rectify the situation. They assisted with new AED placements, and replaced expired supplies within all twenty-two of our sites. Not only did they get our program up and running in a timely manner, but they offered exceptional support to all our staff to ensure that the new program ran smoothly.

CPR1 also created an online portal for our company within their AED Total Solution program. This program tracks each AED and sends AED replacement supplies to us, which has taken a huge burden off our shoulders. We had high hopes for this program, and it is with great pleasure that we can say the CPR1 team has exceeded all our expectations.

Xavier Martinez , Campus Fire Inspector Specialist III University of California, Riverside

Thanks for making this process so easy. We didn’t even know the law required an AED until you brought it to our attention. After that, setting up the CPR training and purchasing the device was customizable and easy. In just a few hours, several of my trainers and I learned everything we need to know about using an AED along with getting re-certified in CPR.

Steve Tankersley Owner – Crossfit Flood Gyms

Thank you for being flexible and being able to come to our location to provide our health care provider CPR class. The staff appreciated you explaining CPR using not only the book to refer to but also the hands on knowledge from your personal experience. In comparison to other times that we have had the training, it was easier to understand this time, much more practical. Hearing from a Paramedic as well as a nurse brought more to the instruction.

Count on us to have you renew our CPR the next time. If I hear of others that need the training, I am most happy to refer them to you.

Kathy – Packard Dental

My family and I were on a vacation in Maui when an incident at the beach required the use of CPR. The training provided by your company, CPR1, gave me and my wife the necessary knowledge and tools needed to perform effective lifesaving CPR. We saved her life that day, thank you!

Tom Nguyen, Supervisor Cell Culture Engineering, BD Biosciences

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